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Customer ID : XXXX
Contract ID : XXXX

I have ordered Vodafone cable box which I have received on 13 Sept 2019. 

I am not able do set up by myself, need help from technician.    
I need technician appointment to do set up for my Vodafone cable box.
Please provide appointment at earliest.

I ahve already send mail to and they have directed me to forum.

Please assist at earliest as since 4 days I am talking to customer care but there is no resoltuion. 


Edit: @Pashpk Please don't share sensitive data with the public. I removed them. Best regards, Der-Peter

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Hello Pashpk,


welcome to our community.


So that I can look at your order and help you, I need some data from you. Please send me a private message with your customer number, name, date of birth and address. Subsequently, announce yourself again here in the contribution.


Best regards




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