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Vodafone Cable : no internet connection after moving the box to another room

First of all, sorry I have to ask my question in English, even if my English is not that good its already much better than my German.


I would like to move my cable box from 1 room to another. Unfortunately when I do that, the internet led of the box fast blink red endlessly (at least for more than 10mn).


If I move back the box to the original room, everything works fine, internet led slow blink red for 1 mn, then slow blink white for few secs then turn white.


My first question is what is the meaning of fast red blink for the internet led ? I found explanation for the slow red blink (ongoing sync) but not for the fast.


I checked the coax between the new room and the coax hub in the basement, based on the measurement I made, everything looks fine with and without 75 ohm termination.


Which kind of additional test I can perform to narrow down the issue ?

Does the length of the coax cable may have an impact ? This new room is the farest one from the coax hub.



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Hey @Moustitic,

it usually works like this; you install the modem, the modem is levelled and then it runs normally. if you want to change the modem, there will be problems, because another room can be completely different even if there is an antenna socket there, for example the level is not correct and the modem can't synchronize. unfortunately you can't change the device just like that Smiley (traurig)





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