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Bei einigen Kunden wird derzeit das gesparte Volumen über den Pass in der MeinVodafone App nicht angezeigt. Wichtig: Die Abrechung der Pass-Apps im Hintergrund ist davon nicht betroffen, es handelt sich lediglich um einen Anzeigefehler. Der Fehler wird aktuell untersucht - Updates gibts es hier.

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Vodafone Cable internet not working - DOCSIS Offline

Hello, I am a new customer of Vodafone Cable internet in Berlin Germany. 


I have installed the router as per given instruction but the DOCSIS status on the default IT address always shows as "DOCSIS - Offline".


Is is due to vodafone connection as my apartment is not activated from Vodafone end or there some other issue ? 

I could see

Power LED - White

WiFi LED - White

But internet LED always blinking in RED all time and internet do not work. 


Can someone please help me here, I tried to call customer care but as I could not speak German as of yet, I need some advice here. 





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Hello Atul,


I assume a technician might need to finish the installation. Please send me your customer number together with your home address, the MAC address of the modem and your date of birth via private message. Answer here again afterwards.


Kind regards,


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