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Vodafone 1000 mb Unity Media is very unstable

Hi All,


I got a brand new modem, vodafone 1000 mb from unity media. My connection is quite unstable and unbearable.


Internet disconnects very often and the speed is actually much less than the claimed value. It averages 30 mb.


This ruined my business since I'm doing home office. I cannot connect and disconnect everytime during a class when I teach the students. I cannot make a normal zoom call with my colleagues since connection is unstable and disconnects several times.


I cannot do anything live, not even light games such as chess (which I stopped playing since I got this modem). The only usage of this internet is to download something and work on it or use it offline.



Unfortunately vodafone service and unity media employees are inaccessible. I've called them several times during the last week, always it was on automatic reply and then waiting line for over 10 minutes. This is really unbearable.



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Hi Saeedamiri,


unfortunately our colleagues are not yet here in the community and we have no access to the systems. Therefore I can only refer you to the appropriate contacts.


Best regards


#Stayhome und bleibt gesund
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