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Very slow internet connection - Cablemax 1000 mbps


I recently switched to cablemax 1000 mb per second, but still my internet is very slow. Sometime it is around 50mbps or maximum 300mbps. Could you please help in resolving the issue. details as below,


  • In which state do you live? Please also send the zip code --     Hessen, Eschborn, 65760
  • What contract do you have? (ex. Internet + Telephone 100)  --    Vodafone CableMax 1000
  • Which modem/ router are you using? (e.g. Hitron) --Vodafone TG3442DE   
  • Do you use a rental device from us or do you have your own device ? --Rental device from us   
  • Which error occurs? (Speed ​​too low; packet loss) Also send screenshots of speed tests (with date and time) and tracerts/ping plotter measurements in the event of packet loss or ping problems. Set the ping plotter to 2.5 seconds for the interval and use affected services as the target.     --  Speed ​​too low
  • How is your device connected to the modem ? ( LAN; WLAN; additional router; PowerLAN ) -- WLAN  
  • Start and period of the disruption  (eg since the beginning of April; only in the evening)  -- From the date of contract change   
  • Also upload a screenshot of the signal values . You can find this in the user interface of your cable router via or via on the Fritzbox. -- Attached     
  • What measures were taken by the fault hotline -- No reply 
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Hello Thiru,


I would like to take a look at your connection and start an error analysis.

Can you please send me a PN with the following information:


Customer number

Name of the contract holder

Date of birth

Street + house number

postcode + city


Current mobile phone number


Many greetings,


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