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Very Bad internet connection for 1 year

Hi Guys, 


I have been connected for almost 1 year and have been experiencing severe trouble with my internet connection. Yesterday it was barely able to load anything on any of my devices regardless of resetting the modem. This is a continuous issue. 


I have called various times with the promise to be called back by someone who speaks English but unfortunately this never happens. I've tried going to a Vodafone store and they just refuse to help me there. 


I would truly appreciate some decent help on solving this issue as I work in the Online Industry and cannot be limited by this kind of internet issues. 


Looking forward to hearing from you. 


Cheers, Michael  

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Hello, Mimami10405,


I'd love to take a look at that line.


Please send me a PN with your name, customer number, address and date of birth.

Please contact me here again when you have sent the data.


Best regards


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