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VPN Connection

Since March 2020, I have a cable connection of 200 Mb/s (actually, this bandwidth was never reached) that now and then has a poor connection. This, per se, is upsetting but the worst thing is that I am NOT able to establish a VPN connection. Meanwhile, I tried a lot of configurations but, unfortunately, I never succeeded to configure the router to allow establishing a VPN connection, no matter if I use a WiFi or an ethernet cable connection to the router (the router is this one: Due to the Corona Virus crisis, I am doing home office and sometimes I have to get access to the intranet of the DFKI (I work for the DFKI, a German Research Center) and to do that I am forced to use the network connection of my mobile phone, which is NOT under a Vodafone contract (I have a contract with winSIM). With that setup, establishing a VPN connection is straight forward, with no hassles, no hurdles, everything runs smoothly.

That being said, can anyone kindly help me solve this issue?


diogo telmo


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Hello dt7,


have you tried to activate the bridge mode in the customer portal? That way the device that is connected with the LAN1 port gets an IPv4 address and the VPN should work. Which federal state do you live in? What speed do you get via ethernet?


Kind regards,


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