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Tiefbau im Privatrund ohne Erlaubnis


On the 25th of November vodavone employee was doing some work at the Bürgermeister-prenn str, Unterhaching and they dug up in our garden on private property without any permission and they damaged our garden door, where it doesn’t open properly now. Also they removed the asphalt from the pathway and they left some sand instead which is very slippery for ours kids and specially when it rains and snow. I ask for a prompt reply and to fix or compensate the damages that occur to our garden or else I would escalate this as I have evidence with pictures of ur employees on private property. 


I sent this email to vodavone and this was thier reply very typical:


Guten Tag,

wir haben unseren Auftragnehmer angefragt und folgende Antwort erhalten:

der Tiefbau hat nicht im Privatrund gegraben, es handelt sich hier um Öffentlichen Grund eine VAO der Kommune liegt vor .

Die Tiefbauer haben auch den Gartenzaun nicht beschädigt, es wurden extra Fotos nach dem Tiefbau des Gartenzauns erstellt.




and thats the proof that they were working in our garden see attachment


Community-Team: Removed coworker's details and picture


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why did you remove the picture because its a proof that you worked on my property. yes i got an answer denying that you worked on private property with out any permission. do you have answer for that?


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Pease dont remove my picture, becuse it proofs how rediculous this companies strategy are. No respect to peoples right. By the way things have been escalated, I have reported you and your workers to the police and if no action will be taken from your side I will take further actions. 


Hello Tiefbau,


if you have already taken legal action, we are out of it at this point.


Please contact our complaint management, which you can reach at the following address:


Vodafone Kabel Deutschland
99116 Erfurt


Best regards, Martin


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I haven't taken any actions yet I thought of trying to find a peaceful solution if not I will take legal action after Xmas.


my request is to fix my garden door, the door Coloum needs to be shifted few cms so the door can close again 


to fix the 3 path stones as they were fixed with Beton in the ground 


if you fix the damage created by your employees I would not go for the legal path and neglect the work done on my property  without any  written permission.

i am looking forward that we find a solution together 


marry Xmas and happy new year 

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