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Taken new connection, Power and DSL LED blink and connect for 1 min and disconnect automatically

I have purchased a new connection of Vodafone DSL Internet for my home. 

Fritz Box: 7530

On 22nd August 2019 technician come and do some connection and said your connection is now working.

I have connected my fritz box according to guidelines provided along with the fritz box. Also done steps on


Problem: The Power/DSL LED is blinking(flashing), after every 10-15 min it gets stable for 1 min and again it starts blinking.

As yesterday, only the technician visited and do the connections but there is no internet. 

As I am from India and not able to understand german, when I am contacting customer care they are saying we do not understand English


This is a very bad experience. Request you to provide the solution for my issue.

I have also taken a screenshot when DSL is working and when it is not working if required I will provide you.


Thanks in advance.



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I am from India and I can not understand English German when I am contacting customer care. 

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Hi AmolKapadne,


please do not open several threads regarding the same issue. Thanks.


You can send me a private message.


I need your name, customer number and a mobile phone number so we can reach you by phone/SMS.


I will open a technical ticket then.




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