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Störung DSL - 59065


My Internet has not been working since yesterday afternoon. 


Here are the answers to your question list. 


1. DSL is not working - The DSL light keeps blinking and there is no connection to the internet at all

2. The Störungsabfrage says - "Das Ergebnis: In Deinem Fall ist uns keine Netz-Einschränkung bekannt."

3. I did perform a reset according to the checklist and still no connection to DSL. I also successfully reset the modem completely. Still no Internet.

4. There is no connection to internet no matter what. Only after that I cannot do speed checks.

5. Since yesterday Afternoon it is not working

6. The connection was working day before yesterday (16.10) night when i checked. After that i noticed it was not working only yesterday afternoon.  

7.  I use a Fritz!Box 7430 

8. The WLAN light is green, The DSL light is Blinking

9. The DSL Light is blinking / Pulsing in Green

10. There was no Storm in the last days. 


Please note I am someone who performs Home Office and this is a really really bad situation to be in. Please provide help ASAP. 




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Hi PradeepAshokan,


did you call us in order to open a technical ticket already?


If not you can send me a private message with your name, custmer number and mobile phone number.


If a technical ticket has been opened the technicians get back to you by phone or SMS.




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