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Router keeps getting disconnected


  I have (not even 24 hours now) just connected a new router received with new contract,

  Serial number of router: ***

  Firmware version: 1.0.9-IMS-KDG.

  Radomly in span of every 5 to 20 mins, internet connection is disconnected. This is really bad of vodafone because with my old contract, until yesterday I was using Fritzbox 6490 and it used to work just perfect.

  I did all the homework before writing to you, event logs in router says nothing. Internet indicator on router stays on and still there is no network, Wifi indicator goes on and off sometimes. 


  About speed, sometimes with speed test it says 11 mb, sometimes 200 mb and sometimes 40 mb.

  I think this is something with the router. Please send technician for a visit and help getting this fixed. 


  Thank you,



Edit: @PrasmitPansare serial number removed.

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Hello PrasmitPansare,


Since you have already opened a post on this, I'll close this one.


Best regards, Martin

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