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Repetitive issues with my connexion [English]



Sorry in advance, I am new in Germany. I am currently learning the language, but I cannot hold a discussion or explain my problem in details in German yet.


I have constant disruptions with my cable connexion, and it is often not working for several hours. Every day. For instance today, it stopped working at 12pm and it's still not working as of now. It does not change anything when I restart the router, and I have no idea what is going on. This is very fustrating and there is no way to contact you on the phone. I tried to have two meetings with the assistance (nicely organized by someone working in a vodafone shop). 1st time, they never called. 2nd time they did not speak english and just hang up on me.


Please help me out, I have to work from home because of the Corona situation, and I cannot manage this issue without you.



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Hi Nicolas3,


let us check the connection. Please send me your name, address, day of birth and customer number by PN. Please also let me know here if you have sent the message.


Kind regards


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