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Repeated disconnects jeopardize home office

Hi Team, 

I have been experience wifi outages repeatedly, usually during morning hours when I have important office meetings. Today it has been worse, there have been multiple outages ranging from 15-45 minutes. Since I'm working from home, this is not very good for me. I have a mifi router that was sent via this community earlier to counter for similar issues. 
I don't know the cause of such outages and I don't expect them to stop with a magic wand any time soon. I'm trying to find an alternative that would save me when such outages do occur. So here is my request: Would it be possible to preload the provided MiFi sim card with some data (10-20 GB) which has unlimited validity (or long term). I could then use it when there is such sudden outage to perform my office duties. 

I hope this is not too much to ask. 


I can share the router/sim details in a PM.

Best regards

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Hi VGarg,

I'm sorry to hear that your landline is not working stable.

If you have frequent disconnect, a technician should have a look into this.

Its not possible to "preload" the lte solution we seem to have provided to you.
We can only top it up in case of a troubleticket.
An in this case the LTE Data is availible for 16 Days.

If you already have a dsl contract with us , you would get unlimited lte data from our red m tariff (which costs 39,99 with the bundle discount gigakombi).


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