Problems with Router Fast5460 Sagemcom

Hello everybody, I have just switched from DSL contract to Cable contract Red Internet and Phone 500 since 2nd of May but I have some problems. So I have some questions to ask Vodafone Moderator about Router Fast5460 Sagemcom: 1/ According to advertisement on website, I only have to pay 20 Euros for 12 first months of the contract. But when I received the first bill, it charged me 50 Euros. That means I have to pay 50 Euros at the end of this month? And how much will be next month? 2/ Since I installed the Cable router Fast 5460 and registrated everything, why Vodafone haven't cut the DSL Internet yet? Does that mean, I have to pay 2 contracts at the same time? 3/ I have installed the new router. But why is the Internet is so slow, about 20 Mbit/s download speed. Also the Wifi always breaks the connection on the smart phone, it is so annoyed. I hope you could check that for me. 4/ When I installed the router, I saw the router information, that the network access is not allowed (Netzwerkzugang nicht erlaubt). May I ask why that happen? 5/ I am using currently the firmware and I have heard that there is a new firmware available. May I ask when I can update the firmware? Tut mir leid, ich kann nicht auf Deutsch erklären, weil ich ein bisschen lerne. Ich hoffe, dass Sie mir helfen können

Re: Problems with Router Fast5460 Sagemcom

Hello Chizoba,


I guess it's best if we check on your contract and your Internet access, that way we should be able to answer most of your questions. So please send me your customer number along with your address via private message and answer here again after that. Could you please also tell me what kind of smart phone struggles with disconnects?


Kind regards


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