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Problems installing cable router for the first time



I've just moved into a brand new flat (ie, no previous internet connection) and can't manage to set up the cable router. 

I've followed the instructions to plug in the cable, then the power, then wait. But no matter how many times I try this, or which cable socket I use (there are 3 in the flat) I never get beyond a blinking power light. 

When I check the router's event log I see multiple events for "Cable Internet synchronisation starting (training)" but nothing else.


Since this is the first Internet connection in the flat, I wonder if some extra step is missing. Any ideas?

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Hello Kidcapricious,


if the router does not come online on its own, a technician must take a look at it on site.

Please send me a PN with your customer data (name, address, customer number and date of birth).


Then please contact me again here when you have sent me the data.


Best regards


#Stayhome und bleibt gesund
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