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Problem with box activation


Last Friday a technician was supposed to come to my place to activate my box, 
nobody showed up, I assumed the activation was made remotly as I didn't get any information.
Scince it look like my box is not correctly activated, only a few website are working mostly google websistes.
The DSL led is on and the WLAN is also on. I tried changing the DNS but it didn't change anything.
I tried reseting the box to factory setting but it did'nt change anything.
I did another post here, and tow moderator asked me to send information and never replied nor give an update on my problem.
I don't speak german nor have a german phone number so the hotline can't help.

Can someone help here ?

Thibault Tricard

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Hi ThibaultTricard,


I see we replied to you yesterday via PN. Smiley (fröhlich)


When there is a lot going on, a reply can simply take a while.


We will get back to you as soon as possible.


But I'm going to close up here now.  Please only ever post a request in a public post.


Best regards



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