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Problem with Red 50DSL Internet in 40547 Dusseldorf

Hi all, 

I will write in english, as it will be definitely easier for me. I hope there can be someone to help. 

Here are the answers for the cheklist. 


  1. What is exactly disturbed (complete failure or speed restrictions)? Internet, my option is 50DSL and vodafone tv
  2. What does thefaultinquiry say? I am restarting and restaring my easybox but no connection can be found. First it was a problem with connecting on wifi with myh printer, then I lost connection with the smarttv and then also with mobile phones and tablets. Even at some point, it started to request my password on my smartphone to connect to my network whith obviously is not normal. On printer it said that problem could be possibly MAC filter. I have managed to add this MAC address via the application on the laptop before my connection stopped working. Now I cannot enter at all this application, without internet. My tablet does not have lan port, so I cannot connect it with the easybox with cable. 
  3. Did youperforma resetusing thechecklist? Yes, I have restarted many times, every day ... this problem occurs for some months, but after 1 restart it works again, now there is absolutely no connection. 
  4. Only with speed problems : Did you do 3 Speedchecks  at different times (distance about 6 hours)?
  5. Since when is the fault? I have this problematic connection for some months, but the last few days it was just impossible to connect to any of my phone, printers or tv. It sees the network, but does not connect. 
  6. Has the connection already worked? Before yes, I am using it for 3 years almost
  7. Which hardware do you use (eg EasyBox 804 / FRITZ! Box 7590)? Easybox
  8. Which LED's shine on your router in which color? None of the LEDs are shining for many many months. Onlyu when I restart they blink and then are out. 
  9. Are the LEDs flashing, flashing or pulsing? None of the LEDs are shining for many many months. Onlyu when I restart they blink and then are out. 
  10. Was there a storm in my direct environment in the recent past? No

I live in 40547 Dusseldorf. 

Thank you for the assistance. I am now some days away from the city, but that is huge problem not having internet, tv and printer at home without knowing what the problem is. We dont us the landline phone. 

Krystian XXX


Edit: @vermouth9305 Remove personal Data. BG, Sebastian

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Hello @vermouth9305,


I have check this for you.


We can see, that your EasyBox is online. Please press the Button WLAN/WPS for one second to deactivate WLAN. After that please press the Button again and check if your WLAN is on again.


Best Regards


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