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Poor internet speeds - Vodafone Red Internet & Phone 1000 Cable - Vodafone Station inkl. WLAN


I am a former Unitymedia customer from Baden-Württemberg and I had the Unitymedia Connect Box hardware with my contract that performed well without any issues. A few months back, I upgraded my contract to Vodafone Red Internet & Phone 1000 Cable and got a new hardware in the form of a Vodafone Station inkl. WLAN. 

Since installing this new Vodafone Station inkl. WLAN, I am having degraded internet service - especially the download speeds. I only get around 30% to 35% of the peak download speed of 1000 Mbps in the same room where I have installed the Vodafone Station inkl. WLAN and only 4% to 5% of the peak download speed of 1000Mbps in other rooms of my apartment. I have attached images of a speed test run on Vodafone's speed test site from my computer in a room different from where the Vodafone Station inkl. WLAN is located. You can see the results for yourselves.
I am receiving a degraded quality of service - mostly due to the hardware provided by Vodafone i.e., Vodafone Station inkl. WLAN. Can you help resolve this issue and change the hardware to something that provides me with the contractual speed of internet?

Thank you.Speedtest Overview.pngSpeedtest details.png

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I would really appreciate some response from Vodafone. I am paying a higher fee for a degraded service. 

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Hello sdpngd,


can you please give us some more information about your connection and configuration? Here you will find a few points that we need from you: Link


Thank you very much and greetings,


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