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Packet loss returned again



Since about a month ago thanks to vodafones new firmware ''update'' I ran into MASSIVE packet loss problems.


Finally after a week of pure suffering you rolled the firmware back. Thank you


It seems theres been a new firmware update after that then and life is a complete nightmare again. Gaming completely impossible, freezes ingame at least every minute. Websites barely usable and streaming only by luck. Very fun to have gone to the second year prices for RED Kabel that I chose to pay to NOT HAVE THESE PROBLEMS!!!

Why do I have to honor my commitment of paying if my ISP cant provide me with the promised service 50% of the time?


#Rant over#

Find pingplotter charts attached. Vodafone station Firmware version: Loss.PNG


I am on wired connection to router, same thing happens with any wireless/wired device, regardless if its laptop/phone/pc/fridge magnet. No extra routers. No internet setting changes. No difference firewalls on/off.


Please please get this fixed this is unacceptable to be happening all the time.


Thank you

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Hello, NikeM,


what about the download and upload speed? Is that ok or too slow?


Best regards Martin

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During packet loss obviously download speeds drop so averages do go down, maybe on average 25%.


Lately packet loss has disappeared, hopefully vodafone fixed the issue Smiley (fröhlich)


Ill pop this thread up if it returns

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Hello, NikeM,


thanks for your feedback. Nice that it is now running.


We wish you and your family a merry Christmas.


Best regards Fred

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