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No internet connection



First sorry to post it in English, but unfortunately with my German won't be possible. So, my Internet went down today around 2 pm and never came back. I did all the troubleshooting from the website but no success, tried a different socket and no luck as well.


In the first hours, the Vodafone Station box was slowly blinking red on the internet led and I had no information on DOCSIS Status page, no entry in the tables, but now is blinking fast and it has one entry in the Downstream Channel (image attached).


Also tried the customer contact but none could speak English.


Should I just wait or is it possible to have English support?


Best regards,




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Hello alexrocco,


so I can check it, I need more information.

In which state do you live? Please send also the postal code

Which contract do you have? (e.g. Internet + Phone 100)

Which modem/router do you use? (e.g. Hitron)

Do you use a rental device from us or do you have your own device?

Which error occurs? (Speed too low; Packetloss) Send also screenshots of speedtests (with date and time) and tracerts/ pingplotter measurements in case of packetloss or ping problems.

How is your end device connected to the modem? (LAN; WLAN; additional router; PowerLAN)

Which browser do you normally use? (e.g. Firefox)

Which operating system do you have on your computer? (e.g. Windows)

Beginning and period of the disturbance (e.g. since beginning of April; only in the evening)

Upload a screenshot of the signal values. You can find them in the user interface of your cable router via or via for the Fritzbox.

What measures were taken by the fault hotline (available at 0800-5266625)?


Greetings Moni

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