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No internet connection since yesterday

Hi, I live in Mitte, Berlin. Postal code 10119.


Since yesterday around 7pm I have no internet connection at my place. My vodafone router does nothing besides blinking red and I already tried troubleshooting. Didn't work.

During the week I had lots of disconnections, generally around midnight, but it always came back. I don't know if it's related.


Is there something happening in the area? Can someone help me? I use my internet to work, so the situation is worrying me.

I'm currently having to rely on my Vodafone 4G connection which curiously is also a mess and very slow.


Sorry for writing this in english. My german skills are not good.

Thank you in advance.

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have the same - no idea - actually had this since Friday late afternoon - and no one seems to work on the  issues.

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It’s 2 days without cable internet at home, with mobile acting like I’m on the dialed 56kbps days again.
What is happening with Vodafone? They recognize the issue but don’t give a deadline. Looks like no one is working on it.
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Hello bferrari,


is the malfunction still active? We will be happy to take a look at your connection and the problem. Please send us the customer number, name incl. address and date of birth of the contract holder via private message. If the problem still exists, we can offer you free mobile data volume on a Vodafone SIM.


Best regards Fred

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