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No internet connection for last 6 months, still getting bills



I have had a contract with Vodafone for my home internet for about 8 years. The problems started around 3.5 years ago when I moved and transfered my Internet contract to my new address. Since then Vodafone started double charging my internet connection every month: one bill on my old address where I didn't live any more and the other for my new address where I still live. This went on till November 2021 when I finally found out about the double charging by noticing I was getting 2 bills for the same service each month in my banking transactions (on 2 different custumer numbers and addresses).


I contacted Vodafone requesting to stop charging me for the internet connection at my old address and they stopped finally in December last year. However, Vodafone also stopped providing the internet connection to my current address at the same time! But it kept charging my bank account for it.


I contacted your custumer support by phone, explained the problem and asked to get the service back on my current address, but without results. I kept getting a different person every time and usually I would be advised to restart my router! (needless to say this didin't get the internet back)

Finally, I had to switch to another internet provider (I need a stable internet connection because I'm working from home) and tried to cancel the contract with Vodafone. I tried to cancel it online through MeinVodafone app but that reports an unknown error every time I try. I also sent a written notice of cancellation by post but haven't gotten any response back. 


Since January 2022 I stopped paying Vodafone for the internet since Vodafone stopped providing its contracutal service.. Vodafone is still sending me warning letters saying that I'm not paying my monthly internet connection and now it is thretening to engage a debt collection agency.

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Hi dncc,


oh dear, things have gone wrong. Smiley (traurig)


Please write us a PN with your customer numbers and the link to your thread here.


Best regards



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Hello Heike,

Thank you for the reply and instructions.

Please find a PN with the link and user numbers as you asked, here:

I hope we can resolve this issue somehow.


Best regards,

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