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No internet connection (and I can't speak German)


I have a contract for cable internet with Vodafone and my I have set up my router according to the instructions. However, it does not connect to the internet (just a flashing red light). When I purchased the contract in a Vodafone store, I was told the internet should be active as soon as the router arrives.


I tried calling Customer Services but there is an automated German message which I don't understand as I can't speak German. When I went to the store, they told me to ring customer services and there was nothing they could do.


So: can anyone here please help? I need my connection urgently as I may need to work from home in the near future.


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Hi, same situation here since Saturday, 17.10.2020. I hope they will response us this way. I have no more idea what to do. I have called them 3 times with my minimum Deutsch.

First call : wrong number for technical problem please call 08005266625

Second call : Please wait 2hours, there is no connection trouble.

Third call : Please write in Forum, she told me she can not speak English.


I live in a basement of an apartment, I'm afraid that  the vodafone kabel internet socket in my place is not working. I'm using vodafone box kabel router and the internet LED blink red. 


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Hello Tim26,


is it a contract with Vodafone Kabel Deutschland? If yes, please send me a private message that includes the following data:


- your customer number

- your name

- the full address

- the MAC address of the router

- a phone number


Please reply here again after you sent the PM.


citra, please open an own thread.


Kind regards,


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