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No DSL internect connection after installament . (Ticket-Nummer: TA0000015673048)



Ticket-Nummer: ***

PLZ: 38114

problem:  there is no ineternet connection after the installment of DSL 2 days ago. Router shows no internet connection and MIC (moderm installment code ) process is alsways timeout.  The Powder/DSL light on Router is alwasy flashing.  Router type : box 7530 


I have tried many times to reset the router to factory setting, but it still didn't work . The service people tried once  remotely change something , still didn't work.  I guess maybe the technican need to come to my place again to verfiy the connection. 

Can someone help me with the internet connection? 





EDIT @victor95 Please do not post private data public. Kind regards Marco

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