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New router doesn't connect: red power LED blinks fast



I received new router and connected it to both power and with the coaxial cable to the data socket in the wall. The router boots, but immediately starts flashing power LED with fast red. According to the specs that's "System failure". Admin panel on the router says there's no coaxial cable connection.

How can I make my router work?

How can I check if my flat (wall sockets) is physically connected to Vodafone equipment?

What are my next steps to finally get internet?

I followed all the instructions and watched install videos. I'm also very good with computers, so I did follow all the instructions properly.

P.S. Sorry, my German is not so good – I can read German, but can't talk much

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  • Welchen Vertrag hast Du? Internet
  • Welches Modem/ Router nutzt Du? Vodafone TG3442DE
  • Nutzt Du ein Leih-Gerät von uns oder hast Du ein eigenes Gerät? Leih-Gerät
  • Welcher Fehler tritt auf? New router doesn't connect to internet (red LED blinks fast)
  • Wie ist Dein Endgerät mit dem Modem verbunden? LAN
  • Welchen Browser verwendest Du normalerweise? Chrome
  • Welches Betriebssystem hast Du auf Deinem Rechner? MacOS
  • Beginn und Zeitraum der Störung Since receiving new router (I'm a new customer)
  • Lade dazu noch einen Screenshot von den Signalwerten hoch. Diese findest Du in der Benutzeroberfläche Deines Kabelrouters über bzw. über bei der Fritzbox. Attached
  • In welchem Bundesland wohnst Du? Berlin

Hello PASSTor,

welcome to the community.

If there is no signal at the antenna socket, you are welcome to look at the house distribution system to see if the apartment is connected. Otherwise a technician has to check this on site. This technician needs access to the house distribution system and your household should not show any symptoms of Covid 19 if possible.

For the order we need your customer number, address and date of birth by private message.

Currently it takes a few days until we are back at the posts. If necessary, contact the hotline for an appointment.

Best regards Fred

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