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New Vodafone station not working

I am newly signed the contract with vodafone (Red Internet & Phone250 cable ). I received new router and connected by self with the help of video and documents provided along with the router.

But internet is not working. Power and WIFI LEDs are glowing white. Internet LED is blinging red.

I tried to reach vodafone helpline but there is no english speaking caller. Financially with the help of friends i raised the complaint last 3 days back. No support so far.

Last 7 days router is in idle and same condition, there is no way to rectify the problem.

I received SMS message stating that MDKS Mitteldeutscher kabelservice GMBH will reach you for appoinment. No call from them i tried to reach over phone but no response.

Please help and guide me to solve the issue. It is really very difficult to get the support from vodafone here ..

Vodafone station wifi 6
Model: c ga6444vf



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Hello Ponmani,


welcome to the community Smiley (fröhlich)


We will be happy to take a look at your connection and history. Please send us the customer number, name including address and date of birth of the contract holder via private message.


Write here briefly when the data has been sent. Currently it takes a few days until we are back in the post Smiley (traurig)


Best regards Fred

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