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My internet is interrupting - ***


My internet breaks and disconnects 8 times a day. As soon as I restart the router, it starts again.

Please check Internet connection to see why this is the case

I am faced with many problems and it is irritating for me. Please help us and solve the problem.

Enclosed you find the picture of my router. Customer number: ***.


I've had problems with my internet connection since 20days.


Now the points I should fill out:


Which contract do you have?

- Internet & Telephone 50

Which modem / router do you use? (eg Hitron) 

currently: Sagemcom (Model: FAST 5460)

Which error occurs? (Speed ​​too low, Packetloss): Internet is interrupting 7-8 times in a day. Every time I need to restart the router. 

How is your device connected to the modem?


Which browser do you normally use?

Firefox / Chrome / Internet Explorer. 

Chrome - The problem is operating system independent

Which operating system do you have on your computer?

Windows 10 The problem is operating system independent 

Start and period of the fault?

Since 01st Oct 2019 until today continuously

What measures were carried out by the fault hotline (available at 0800-5266625)?

Line was checked. No errors were detected. Device was swapped because there was a boot loop in the period after a device restart. Problem still exists.   


I'm attaching screenshots of error.


Please help me I would like to have trouble-free internet again!




Edit: Customer number removed for privacy reasons. VG_Grit

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did you check if the interruptions occur with an ethernet connection as well? How do the disconnects happen, are your devices still connected with the WiFi but you can't use the Internet anymore or do they lose the connection? If the latter, is the SSID of your WiFi still visible? Do the interruptions happen in both the 2,4 GHz network and the 5 GHz network? Did you already do a factory reset?


Kind regards


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