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My contract was cancelled even though I solicited a moving service


Good day,


I moved to a new apartment, but first I checked if there was vodafone coverage, and according to the service on your webpage it does. I then solicited a moving service online and at the end I was told to call the number because there was an issue. My wife called because her German is much better than mine, and a person answered who did not give us a good service and then proceeded to cancel my contract.
Please, either update your coverage service on the webpage, or have more helpful people on your call centers.

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Hey Felipe-Bravo,

I'm sorry to hear that we can't provide internet in your new apparment.

The check on the homepage is to the best of our knowledge & in > 99% of all cases we can deliver the bandwith offered.
There may be reasons outside of our net, why its not possible to activate the landline.
For excample if cables inside the house - between the central distribution box & the telephone connection socket are missing.

In this case we can't provide dsl.


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Thank you very much for your response. I still find it a bit odd because the previous tenant had vodafone in this very same apartment, is it possible that the service was then disconnected?

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Hi Felipe-Bravo,


did you check if the former tenant's DSL contract is still active?


I don't think that the lines in your appartment were disconnected.


But if the contract is still active we are not able to activate a new contract at the same phone socket.




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