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My Kabel Modem continuously disconnecting


Dear All,


I'm using Kabel Modem and every month I have a same problem. I cannot connect to any website from my laptops, smartphones or Smart TV. I can ping web sites but no HTTP visiting possible. However when I use free VPN tool on my laptop or smartphone, I can access to all web sites. 

I think I have a routing problem.


What I tried?

I tried, different DNS server (open dns, google etc.), I tried dfferent network cables, different coaxcial cables, different laptops, different smartphones, different browsers...

I applied Vodafone service center more than 3 times but I have a this problem time to time. 

I have CH7466CE Vodafone Router.

I need someone to check routing config maybe from Vodafone Level 3 team...


Thank you

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Hello Samett,


can't you reach any website, no matter if IPv4 or IPv6? Please send a Pingplotter to an example of both. Did you reset the router as well? I would also like to check your access, please send me your customer number, the full address and the birth date of the contract owner in a private message.


Kind regards,


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