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My DSL keeps disconnecting, about every 5 minutes



Sadly my German isn't that good to keep up with the conversation.


I live in Berlin, 10623 and my router is FritzBox! 7530 CH.


I have a 250mb down DSL contract from Vodafone. Since the beginning of my contract, my connection gets disturbed once in every couple of days, for like an hour. My DSL connection gets reset, so I can't have an IP address as well.


Lately, this problem started to occur more often and with more severity. Last night I did not have any connection at all, and this morning the problem still persists.


Honestly I am paying for a service I am not even receiving. And all of the customer services are in German. Can someone help me with this? I can provide any necessary information.

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Hello arikanatakan,


welcome to the Vodafone community. Smiley (fröhlich)


That sounds not good. Do you realize that the interrupts happen via WiFi conections or even if your PC is connected via LAN? Do you see any damages to the TAE socket or cables? Which LEDs are lit or flashing (which colur)?


Can you please send me all these information via private message and also tell me your customer number and customer password? Then I can create a trouble ticket for you.







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Hello Dany,


I am also facing the same issue with my connection. 

My fritz box: 7530

Sadly, I have taken a new connection and yesterday(22.08.19) technician visited and activate the connection.

Thanks in advance.




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