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Vodafone Pass - MeinVodafone App zeigt "0MB gespart" an

Bei einigen Kunden wird derzeit das gesparte Volumen über den Pass in der MeinVodafone App nicht angezeigt. Wichtig: Die Abrechung der Pass-Apps im Hintergrund ist davon nicht betroffen, es handelt sich lediglich um einen Anzeigefehler. Der Fehler wird aktuell untersucht - Updates gibts es hier.

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Modem - In Progress

Good evening,

I am a new subscriber to Vodafone Cable. I was sent the self-installation kit a day before yesterday and have followed the steps exactly, but have been unsuccessful in connecting to the internet (just in case, I have waited more than 24h for the router to be update as was suggested in some forums). I've checked the status of the modem through the IP address and the status is stuck at 'In Progress'. I've reviewed some other questions on this board and this seems to be a relatively common issue with no way to resolve without the help of a technician. Unfortunately, I cannot speak German yet and, despite I have been able to navigate the call system to speak with someone about this, in the moment I reached a technician he did not speak English and he could not transfer me with anyone who could.

I do not know if is procedent to provide here the numbers of the contract, address, etc, because for me makes more sense to provide it privately, so, please, let me know how to preceed since here to get technical assistance at home, in order to solve this issue.

Thanking in advance all your help and hoping someone will be able to assist.



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Hello Sid_99,


if the device doesn't come online by itself, then a technician must come to you.


Please send me a PM with your customer data (name, address, customer number and date of birth).


Please contact me here again when you have sent me the data.


Best regards


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