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Kein Internet und keine Antwort vom Kundenservice

I had an appointment with a technician (on 18.01) to connect to DSL-internet. The technician said that there is a problem with the wire and it is not possible to connect. He recommended calling the electrician so he can repair the wire. Today (28.01) I had an appointment with an electrician. He checked the wire and said that it is fine.


I have tried to get a new technician appointment. 

I've tried:

1. Sent a message via the feedback form. Yesterday (27.01) I've got a call from Vodafone Hotline, and the manager said that the technical service will contact me, but they didn't.
2. Tried to call Hotline, but my German phone skills are not sufficient to get through the bot.
3. I've got a paper mail with the Auftragsnummer for I have registered for the call, and I've got the confirmation on the webpage that I should receive an SMS with the time of the call. But I've never received neither SMS nor call.

4. I've tried the Netz-Assistent as it described here ( I've spent more than half an hour answering absolutely unrelated questions and got to the contact form in the end. But upon submitting the contact request I've got the message: "Das geht leider nicht. Du hast vielleicht zu oft Rückruf angefordert."


So I still have no internet connection, no appointment with the technician, and no way to contact customer service to get one.
I hope, I could find a way to contact someone here.

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Hey NickZol,

I'm so sorry to hear that your landline is not working yet.

Its pretty unlikely that the inhouse connection is working fine, after a telecom technician was onsite an did not get a proper signal from your telephone connection socket.

But I'll have a look into this.
Please click on my name/avatar and click the big red button on the right side "Diesem Benutzer eine private Nachricht senden" i need your dsl-customer & mobilenumber.


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