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Re: Issues with - Timeout errors


I have been dealing with a strange issue over the last few days since I have gotten a new router and upgraded plan.

When attempting to authenticate on the connection times out. I have confirmed this is not a computer issue as it is works on both a VPN and when I connect the same computer to wireless phone hotspot.

I am 90% sure that the issue is with Vodafone as it only seems to time out when not using a VPN and not connected to another network.

I have attemped to set a static IP address. This did not resolve the issue.
I have tried open DNS. This did not resolve the issue.
I have tried disabling IPV6 addressing on my NIC and this did not solve the issue.
I have a spare router here from vodafone and I switched the router and it did not solve the issue.

There is defintely an issue with the service coming into the apartment. Bear in mind I already had a vodafone router here because I recently switched to my own contract from the previous tenant. The previous contract/network profile was working for 6 months without issue (except for regular disconnected which I think is common in Berlin). 

Obviously I have tried all the regular steps like resetting the router/modem & powercycling.

Can you please advise on any steps I can take or change my network profile or reset my connection so I obtain a new IPV6 address or maybe even switch me to IPV4 external address to see does this resolve?

Thanks and kind regards


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Hello Cass,


please send a pingplotter measure to and the other details from the thread Alles rund um Störungsmeldungen.


Kind regards


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