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Internet unavailable via FritzBox 7350

Hello. I have made a new contract for DSL at my new apartment, the technician came yesterday morning to check the connection, I received a SMS saying that the work is done and that I should have access to the internet latest by 6 PM. I set up the FritzBox 7350 accordingly, both DSL and WLAN icons are green, but when I try to connect to the WiFi network, I ger redirected in a new browser and then get the message ERR: too many redirects. The page is (Vodafone page). I ran a diagnosis on and all is on green, DSL connection OK, WLAN setup and working OK, it even shows a download speed of approx 204 Mb/s. But I still can`t connect to the internet or have internet signal on any of my devices (laptop, phones etc) due to this automatic redirect to this page.

Has anyone had a similar issue? To me it looks like something unrelated to the actual signal or configuration of the FritzBox, the device seems to be working fine, but it rather looks like a small setting somewhere that is preventing me to access the internet.

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Heyho Alex_N1,

i'm sorry that your landline is not working properly yet.

If you get on a pushpage (either acor / or telekom) this may be an interconnection wrong inside the bulding.

Could you please send ma private message with your dsl customernumber & your current mobilenumber?
Therefore please click on my name/avatar -> then the big red button on the right side.

I'll open a technical ticket for you.


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