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Internet slows down in the evening


Dear Sir/Madam,


I have Vodafone internet Connection with 200Mit. EVERY evening around 20:00-21:00 internet gets so slow that Vodafone internet test shows speed of 3 or Mbit and ping above 300. Upload is less than 1Mbit. I have already placed 3 tickets regarding this matter. First 2 were closed without resolving the issue. The third one is still open. Vodafone service has finally admitted to having a problem with the network. Unfortunately the problem is unresolved and I got no estimation in regard to how long it might take or what the problem is. This problem persists more than 3 month already. I keep paying the whole amount every month, while the internet quality is sub par to say the least. Dear Vodafone would you be so kind to advise. Contact me and please tell me what the problem is and when do you plan to resolve it? Do you compensate such poor quality of the internet?


Best regards,


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If it is only during the evening its mostly because of overbooked connections. Like if the cable lets say transfers max 1gbit. You booked 500 mbit and your neighboors booked 400,300,100,60,40,200 and 20. You will notice that if all your neightboors or much of them are online at same time and doing hardcore stuff like downloading streaming and so on, that 1gbit cable can not handle it. And everyone gets throtled, you neighboors aswell as you. Its a common problem in general. As reference on silvesters everyone phones same time the mobilenet gets slowed or worst case down.

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Hello pavel4,


please send me once your name, address, date of birth and customer number by PN .


Afterwards please leave a feedback here, then we will be happy to look into the matter.


Best wishes, Martin

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