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Internet not working


I wonder if you could help. I live in Berlin and have switched to vodafone Kabel Box 2 months ago anf far everything has worked generally OK. Suddenly i have been unable to connect to my router and even though all the lights in the setup box is looking fine. Neithet The vodafone service center and the store has been able to help with fixing this issue. I have tried all the diagnostic and resetting methods.


I can send my customer details in DM if someone could assist. 


Thank you



Ich frage mich, ob Sie mir helfen können. Ich wohne in Berlin und habe vor 2 Monaten zu vodafone Kabel Box gewechselt und bisher hat alles gut funktioniert. Plötzlich habe ich nicht in der Lage, eine Verbindung zu meinem Router und obwohl alle Lichter in der Setup-Box ist in Ordnung aussehen. Weder das vodafone Service Center noch der Store konnten mir bei der Behebung dieses Problems helfen. Ich habe alle Diagnose- und Zurücksetzungsmethoden ausprobiert.

Ich kann meine Kundendaten in DM senden, wenn jemand helfen könnte.



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It looks like Vodafone is performing some maintenance works and there is an emergency board set up by them to check which cities are/will be affected in the coming days
In my case, however, there has been no internet for 2 full days already, even though my city is not on the list. I tried calling the support and they gave me a "technician number", which turned out to be just a general hotline number, where you have to speak to a bot in German before you even reach a person.

Anyway, if you check this forum, you will find hundreds or thousands of posts, where people report the partial or full failure of the service.

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Hello Gopika,


welcome to the community Smiley (fröhlich)


We will be happy to take a look at your connection and the problem. Please send us the customer number, name including address and date of birth of the contract holder via private message.


Write here briefly when the data has been sent. Currently it takes a few days until we are back in the post Smiley (traurig)


Best regards Fred

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