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Internet not working



I signed up and received router couple of weeks ago. I plugged it in and since then the red light is blinking continously!


I tried to connect with the technical services, but unfortunately its all in German and I can not get through and all the representatives provide me different options and none work.


I am able to connect to the router, but somehow the connection is not established and I guess something is wrong with the cable.


Any valid technical solution would be appreciated.



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Hi mabaasit,


welcome to the Vodafone Community!


Has the connection been activated yet?


You will not be able to use it until it has been activated by a technician.


You find the exact date in our welcome letter. After the connection has been activated you can set up the modem using the Modem-Installatins-Code.


If the connection is active but you still can not use it, you can send me a PM.


I need your name, customer number and mobile phone number.




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Hello mabaasit,


as you have a Vodafone cable contract and not DSL, please send me the following details via PM:


- customer number

- full address

- date of birth of the contractual partner

- MAC address of the modem


Reply here in your thread after you sent the PM.


Kind regards


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