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Internet is getting disconnected frequently from last 3 months and still issue not fixed

My internet is not working as expected from last 3 months since I moved to new apartment. It is getting disconnected frequently. When internet goes offline it does not come back online for 20-30 mins. It is really frustrating as I and my wife we both are working from home office. There is also issue where in meeting my collogues are not able to hear me properly as my voice is always breaking for them. We are also attending online tuitions and sometimes we miss those because of poor internet connectivity. 
I have raised numerous complaints to Vodafone support but still the issue is not solved. I have been in contact with Vodafone Twitter support and on call support from April but I always get same reply saying it will be fixed soon. But now its end of June and issue is still there.

Also for I have a PlayStation 5 and there is packet loss. My friends are not able to hear me properly in party chat. My voice is always breaking for them.
I wish to close the connection if Vodafone is not able to fix the issue in next 14 days as it is impacting our work and tuitions. 
Please let me know when this issue will be fixed and if it is not fixable how can I proceed with cancelation of the Vodafone connection.


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Hello abhi_dude,


please limit yourself to one contact channel. We won't be able to tell you anything other than our colleagues on Twitter.


Best regards, Martin

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