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Internet down since yesterday



Sorry for writing in English but my German is still weak and I have tried many time though the German Hotline and no one is allowed to speak in English which I find really odd. 


Customer number: 3325*****


My cable internet is down since yesterday (23rd or August) and 24 hours have passed since it happened. 


I have cable + telephone 200, the modem is the provided one CH7466CE. 


The Wi-Fi connects but internet doesn't work. Also using a cable to the PC doesn't work. 


The modem configuration is default, nothing was changed.


I have restated the modem many times, waited overnight, nothing works. It's definitely something not related to the house. 


Please help me, 

Samuel Dantas


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Hello, SDantas,


the modem has been online again for 7 hours. Was this failure unique or does the problem occur multiple times?


Best regards Fred

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