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Internet Outage - Again
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I yet again have no internet at home for over 24 hours. This is happening at least once a month now and is very frustrating. Never had this issue at my old address, what steps can I take to try and get it permenatly fixed?


If it can't be fixed permenatly, what are the options to cancel the contract because of bad service?

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Issue wasn't on Vodafones end, internet working again.

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  • Which contract do you have? Red Internet & Phone 400 Cable
    Which modem / router do you use? FritzBox!
    Do you use a loan device from us or do you have your own device, Loan Device.
    Which error occurs? (Speed ​​too low, Packetloss) Also send screenshots of speed tests (with date and time) and Tracerts / Pingplotter measurements at Packetloss or Ping problems. No connection at all., router does not establish a cable connection.
    How is your terminal with the modem connected ? Device is Modem and router combined.
    Which browser do you normally use? Chrome, Firefox, cannot ping DNS or IP.
    Which operating system do you have on your computer? Windows 10 Pro.
    Beginning and period of the disturbance  15/09/2019 16:00.
    To do this, upload a screenshot of the signal values . You can find this in the user interface of your cable router via or via in the Fritzbox. No sigal is made, so graph is empty.
    What measures were carried out by the fault hotline (available at 0800-5266625)? Hot line do not assist with English and hang up on me.
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Issue wasn't on Vodafones end, internet working again.

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Hello Lorthium,


I'm happy to read you found the source of the outage Smiley (fröhlich). As it works again, I will close this thread.


Kind regards,


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