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Internet Incredibly slow since the begining - Customer service useless


I hired your internet service on the highest speed and it is the slowest connection I have ever had. I keep calling your customer service team and, on top of being on the line for endless times, every time I finally get to a person I am asked to call a different number. It has been A WEEK since I have been trying to get this fixed and NO ONE replied to me. 


I need this fixed! i work in my house and I need the internet that I HIRED and to which I will be PAYING FOR, working! Please, contact me ASAP. 


When I signed up with you I asked the seller AND your Facebook contact team and they guaranteed I could contact your support team in English over the phone, but this was a lie. Only 1 of your customer service representatives spoke in English. You misled me into hiring your service, this is very unethical on your staff. I even made several appointments on your Online-Filiale and only twice I got a call back, again, ONLY GERMAN. 

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They came and changed some cable connection but the wifi is even slower than the previous company I had! how is this possible !!! This is ridiculous !! My internet via wifi is less than 10% of what I pay !!! 


Look at attachment

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Hi @Alejandro_berli ,


please excuse the late feedback. At the moment there is a lot to do and the requests are processed chronologically.


I am sorry that you have limitations on your connection. I understand very well that it is very annoying in times of home office. Verlegener Smiley


What kind of connection is it exactly? DSL or cable?


If it is DSL, I need 3 Speedcheck IDs from you. Perform at least 3 measurements at and note the ticket numbers.


- Measurements on different days at different times

- Measurements via LAN cable, not via WLAN

- No parallel downloads, streams or IPTV usage

- No use of (powerline) adapters or extension cables


As soon as I have the data, I can record a malfunction ticket for you and forward it to the technical department for examination.


Kind regards,


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