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Incorrect billing and double charged

I'm a new customer and vodafone have made massive errors and mistakes for my first bill. They have charged me for installation, which I did not need (this was confirmed in an email) and did not receive. Then they have charged me again but the invoice for that bill is not present in my online account. So for 15 days of internet service they somehow decided to charged me a total over 150 EUR (from 2 invoices). Half of which I cannot see an invoice for, and most of the remaining charge is for a service I did not receive and did not need. I need a way to complain and get my money back but have been unable to get any english language customer support.


So I don't know what to do except walk into a store and hope someone can speak english.


Is there any advice about what I can do?

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The installation fee does not need that there is actually somebody coming to you and install all the stuff, but it is a fee for the (internal) setup and activation of your line together with sending the device to you. This also includes that a technician will visit you free of charge in case the self-install does not work - but it is not a must that a technician visits you.


Secondly your initial invoice will most likely contain the base fees for the next month as well as the time between setup of the line and invoice creation. Thus it might be that you have to pay for up to two months (one in advance and up to one month between line activation and invoice creation) as base fees.


And thirdly: Sole contractual language is German - thus also service is given in German language and any support in a different language is only given on a best-effort base - which may also include that there is no support in other than the contractual language at all.

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Hello craig589,


has a technician been invoiced or the provision? The two are different, because the deployment is always calculated, regardless of self-installation or technician installation. List but times on what exactly is invoiced




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