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How to request a technician?




Sorry for English, just started to learn German.

We rent a flat in the house, and I want cable internet to be connected. Requested the installation package, but it doesn't work (cannot detect the cable frequency).


In the basement I see some complicated set of devices installed and several cables are just lying around. I guess that's cables from our flat, but I don't want to experiment with them due to lack of experience.


So, my question is: how to request an vodafone engineer to come and check the installation?

I tried to call the support phone, but all the menu is in German. Once I was able to connect to live human, but she doesn't speak a word in English. Vodafone doesn't provide any email address for support. 


Thanks a lot

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welcome there. I think we can help you. Smiley (fröhlich)

Send me in a pm your private data (complete name, date of birth, customer number, full address and e-mail-address) informations and answer here, that you sent the pm.







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