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Einschränkung von GigaTV Net und GigaTV App

Bei GigaTV Net und der App kann es aktuell zu einer eingeschränkten Nutzbarkeit kommen. Bei der App kommt es zu Problemen mit dem Login, die Fehlermeldung lautet Nutzername/ Passwort-Kombination fehlerhaft. Bei GigaTV Net kann es zu einem Ausfall der Sender und dem Hinweis 601 kommen. Wir geben in diesem Thread Updates zum Status der Störung. 

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Hoher Ping / High Ping (Englisch)

Hi there.


I saw this thread: and I'm having exactly the same issue with incredibly high ping fluctuations in the evenings only. It goes from a stable 20 - 40 to random values from 20 to 60 to 100 and even 300+. I checked all the wiring but don't know what to do next and as I don't speak German, it's difficult to find a solution or find someone who could help. 



- Charles


Edit: Moved from "sweepstakes". Why don't you post in the same board? @CharlesDalton

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Hello CharlesDalton,


does this happen to all destinations? Are you connected through LAN? Please send me a private message with your address and customer number, so I can have a look at your access. Answer again in this thread after you sent the PM.


Kind regards


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