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(English) unstable internet since 3 days.

I have vodafone Internet now since 12.01.22 Having no problems for the first week, but now since 3 days I have had constant connection problems. Nothing at all has changed from my end and I'm not aware of any disruption in my area.

WiFi/ethernet/powerline connections have all been affected.

Upload speed has shown 0 during 2 speedtests that I have taken and latency is spiking between 30 and 250 frequently.

I'm paying for the 1000mbits down / 50mbits upload package and really not able to utilise it.

Can anyone help me out?

Would hope for a simple fix since it's the weekend, but I'll try contacting customer support Monday morning either way.

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Hello PeterBC,


what did the colleagues tell you yesterday? Please also send the details from the thread Alles rund um Störungsmeldungen.


Kind regards,


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