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English Speaking support needed for slow cable internet

Is there a English speaking support ? or Email where I can email for Vodfone Cable internet issues ?

I have Red Internet and Phine 1000 Cable plan and it never gave me desired speed.

From last one month I am getting very slow speed and also some time speed drops.

Is there way Vodafone can help me in English ?

This is in Fellbach, BW




Subodh patil

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Hi SubodhPatil

Can you please give us the following information:

-Which contract do you have? (e.g. Internet + telephone 100)

-Which modem/router do you use? (e.g. Hitron)

-Do you use a rental device from us or do you have your own device?

-Which error occurs? (Speed too low; Packetloss) Also send screenshots of speed tests (with date and time) and tracerts/pingplotter measurements in case of Packetloss or ping problems

-How is your device connected to the modem? (LAN; WLAN; additional router; PowerLAN)

-Which browser do you normally use? (e.g. Firefox)

-Which operating system do you have on your computer? (e.g. Windows)

-Beginning and period of the disturbance (e.g.: since the beginning of April; only in the evening)

-Upload a screenshot of the signal values. You can find these in the user interface of your cable router via or for the Fritzbox.

-What measures were taken by the fault hotline (available at 0800-5266625)?

-In which federal state do you live?

Best regards

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