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[English] I arrived home and I got no internet


I have Vodafone Kable with no problems for two year now, and I never had a problem before, but when I arrived home yesterday, I didn't have connection and the @ LED that shows the synchronization with internet in flashing very fast.

I have a 200MB contract and the cable router is CBN CH7466CE. My area is Berg am Laim.
Could somebody explain me what should I do to fix the problem? Unfortunately, I don't speak German, which makes this situation more difficult to solve for me

Thank you for your help in advance, much appreciated
Best Regards

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Hi all,


Internet is working again. I followin the instructions in this page for some self test I could do by myself:


It turns out that it was a general faillure in my area. Vodafone was working on it and it has a service to automatically notify when the issue is solve.  I got the message a few minutes ago and now internet is working.

Thanks you

Best Regards

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Hello Alsanro82,


I'm glad to hear it's working again. Then I'll close here, if that's okay with you.


Love greetings


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