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[English] How do i Terminate my Existing Contract


Good day. 


I would like to inquire on how can i terminate my existing contract. 


As mentioned in my previous Post i have lost my wifi connection last 7 April 2021. The router suddenly dropped all existing wifi connection and all my devices cannot reconnect to the router. Tried the web network assistant and made several restarts but to no avail. 


since i barely speak German i asked a colleague of mine to call tech support for help. Tech support informed my colleague that i need to do a reset by pressing the reset button at the back of my router. 


I was initially hesitant to do the reset as i know what it means, but since its tech support who suggested it then i feel confident to do the reset. unfortunately these i think is what made this whole mess. as after the reset and restarts i cannot find the wifi name as indicated in the back of the router on my wifi hotspot list from my devices (laptop and phone) all i see now is a new hotspot with name Broadcom.


Since wednesday i have no internet and being on a work from home arrangement, the internet connection i think is essential. but since no email or text received from vodafone (which they initially promise to send me a message regarding my concern) i am now planning to terminate the contract due to breach of service.


If anyone has an idea how please tell me. 


thank you.

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Hey zerg686,


i'm sorry that your landline & router dropps. I'm also sorry that you got no information from our support.


Did you have to re-enter the modem installation code after the reset? If not, please try again. On the back of the DSL-EasyBox there is a small round opening labeled RESET. Use a paper clip, for example, and press the concealed switch for 3-5 seconds. The process takes a few minutes. Then re-enter the modem installation code over the phone. Alternatively, you can also dial in directly on the box via cable or WLAN and do that. You can find the access data for the box on the back. Enter in the browser & follow the instructions.



Doesn't work? Let me take a look at it and send me a private message with your customer number and a mobile number on which my collegues can reach you. I'll check your landline and get back to you asap.

I think I can find a solution without an early termination.


Best regards


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@Norman Thank you for taking time to read my Post. I already sent you a PM sir. Hope you could help me troubleshoot this problem. Thank you.

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