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[English] [Help needed] Slow internet and ping spikes

Hello there,


I'm using Vodafone Kabel connection with 100 Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speeds (I added a separate pack for upload speed), and have Kunden-Nr. ***.


I'm observing sluggish internet from the last 4-6 days, and upload speed is horribly slow. And even netflix streams are blurry.  My download speeds used to range between 8 - 10 MBPS, but now those are down to 1-4 MBPS. I don't even have a WiFi-Hotspot/Homespot enabled. Please find the speed test results attached below (I don't really trust the download speed shown there!). Can someone please look into it and help me. And If you need any more information please do let me know.





Edit: Personal data deleted / Greetz, Su

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Hello NageshPodilapu,


did you check the LAN connection? What does the speed test look like on another page or with a real download? Are the restrictions 24/7?


Best regards Fred

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