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[English] Clarify the valid new contract: Cable / DSL? I got 2 confirmations.



On 21.02.2021, I made a moving arrangement for my current DSL contract from Kassel to Stuttgart. I made this new contract in Kassel and the people in Kassel made a transfer to a cable connection for my new flat in Stuttgart. However, after a hand-over with my new landlord in Stuttgart on 27.02.2021, he told me that he doesn't want me to use cable in his flat (due to technical problem of the cable access), so I came to one of Vodafone branch in Stuttgart to change the new contract in Stuttgart into DSL. A guy made me a new contract for DSL, I also already confirmed a date for technician visit and he also told me that the cable contract that the Kassel branch made for me has been cancelled. The thing that makes me confused is because just now, I got an email saying that I am still switching to cable for my new contract in Stuttgart. Can someone help me to clarify which new contract is actually valid for my new flat in Stuttgart? Is the new cable contract that was made in Kassel already cancelled? Thanks for your help...



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You successfully managed to have two contracts now. One for Cable and one for DSL...

And why should the cable contract be already cancelled - whom should have done that? Your landlord has no rights to interfere with any of your contracts - and you have no right to prematurely cancel it just because your landlord asks you to do so. The only way for a premature cancellation would be if a technician visits you and notices that it is impossible to set up the line - anyhow, defective in-house wiring would be nothing that Vodafone has to care about (as in-house wiring is part of your rental contract and your landlord has to take care of that it is fixed).


By the way: The landlord has no right to decide which internet connection you use - furthermore he even has to arrange a fix if he knows that there is something wrong with the in-house wiring and cannot simply ask you to not use it. By law, he is required to fix all stuff in the flat (or in the house) that belongs to the rented appartment and that you pay for - if a connection to the broadband cable network is part of your rental contract, then he has to fix the in house wiring (as this access wiring is part of your rental contract; this especially applies if you have to pay for the basic TV service using your rental fee). But in doubt you may ask a lawyer to verify that your rental contract contains a broadband cable network access.


Or would you accept it if your landlord requires you only to use cold water as he won't fix the heater for hot water, even if you have to pay for it?

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